Dear Class of 2015,

Welcome to the website for this year’s Senior Class Gift! Over the next few months, this will be your resource for any questions you may have about the campaign, as well as contact information for your college’s co-chairs.

Yale’s Senior Class Gift isn’t a fundraising campaign for a park bench with a “Class of 2015” plaque. (Though we’re sure it’d be a pretty stellar bench.) Instead, it’s a chance for our class to participate in Yale’s legendary spirit of alumni generosity. Donations to the Alumni Fund go directly to secure financial aid for incoming students, support sustainability programs on campus, enrich our library network, fund original research, and guarantee that Yale can attract the professors who have made our experience here so unique. 

In asking you all to participate in this year’s campaign, we’re inviting you to enrich the Yale experience for the Class of 2019 and beyond. Many of you will have questions about the purpose of the Senior Class Gift, how we impact change, and why we think you should be a part of this effort. We’re here to answer these questions and more, and we want to make sure this campaign has the most positive impact on Yale as possible. It’s our hope that the Senior Class Gift will help to unify the Class of 2015 while simultaneously ensuring this incredible adventure for Yalies to come!

Our final semester here is ours to shape. Theses, job applications, apartment hunting, soul-searching, eat-pray-loving—our remaining time as undergrads will be frenzied and thrilling. The Senior Class Gift is just one of many ways to enjoy our time at Yale before commencement. So, remember:

Carpe Boola!

Your SCG Co-Chairs,

Denzil Bernard SM ’15

Evi Steyer TD ’15

Jake Dawe TC ’15

Schuyler Arakawa SY ’15